The Spirit of the Universe and the Olympic Games

How do we decide what is right and wrong and why do things like the Olympic Games become so big and powerful that the power created overrides the world’s health? These are questions that have cropped up in the light of the Zika virus which threatens to have a devastating effect on world health. The facts are that we are all under the control of the Spirit of the Universe and no matter our personal desires we are trapped in its plan while the future belongs to it.

How do I know that and why make it a topic for discussion? The answer is simple. My life is, like that of everyone else, part of the plan to end life on earth as we know it. The Spirit has a voice through us and it has motivation for the completion of which we are all puppets in its hands.

My reincarnation is proof that few know or understand how we got here or what life is about. Manmade gods and dreams of heaven and hell are abominations and the end result is to rid the world of corruption. Those who have more concern for money than the welfare of others are nothing but the means to end it. The end of life as we know it is foretold and coming to fruition.

The Zika virus points the way to a major world health disaster but the committee running the Olympic Games are powerless to call them off or move them. Why? Because of the money that has been invested in the venues and the programs.

Years of work on the part of athletes that have trained them to be at their peak for the games is another issue. They want the competition, their coaches and sponsors want it, and the world is waiting for it. These will spring the trap set by the Spirit who laid the path and warned against it. It also decided who would be the main players, who will attend the games, and who will carry the virus to their families and homelands afterwards.

With a link to the Spirit it showed me the great wall of blind ignorance that prevents the truth from flowing and stops common sense from being enacted. Committees like that which controls the Olympics and that which calls itself the World Health Organisation cannot and will not change the status quo when money is involved. That is the trap and it is set out in Old Testament prophecies (Jeremiah 11:11,12).

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